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Project Background:

The original brick building was built in 1956 and served as a “market for the rural community where it was located. It was remodeled only once in 1963 when it was purchased and it became a tutoring center for children and adults. As the rural area became more suburban and the tutoring center became very well known and respected, the Owner was facing two main challenges with the existing building. One, the existing facilities were not adequate for the existing students. Two, the Owner wanted to expand the facility to offer a state-of-the-art preschool to the community.

New Features & Finishes:

  • In order to create the new exterior facade, extensive structural work had to be competed on the existing brick building so the new engineered roof trusses could be set securely in place.
  • The exterior cement cladding is James Hardie horizontal clapboard siding for low maintenance.
  • The Marvin windows have an aluminium clad exterior also for low maintenance.
  • The exterior columns are structural and made of fiberglass.
  • The exterior fencing is made of extruded aluminium also for low maintenance.
  • An abundance of general lighting was added to the existing building by adding light tunnels from the roof into the existing waiting area.
  • New stamped concrete walkways were installed.
  • A new Eco-friendly, state-of-the-art water filtration and septic system was installed to conserve water and waste.