Franklin & Associates is committed to protecting our environment and designing and building our client’s projects in an Eco-friendly manner. Our projects function in harmony with the environment and lowering energy costs. In fact, we have been using “Green” building practices for over seventeen years.

A few examples of our “Green” building practices include:

  • Site Evaluations: Position the project to take advantage of the Sun for warmth and trees for cooling.
  • Framing: Use engineered lumber wherever possible.
  • Heating: We have pioneered and perfected in-floor radiant heating systems fed by highly efficient gas boilers.
  • Bathrooms: Install under-floor electric radiant heat tiles that emit no electromagnetic fields and add comfort to the floor.
  • Kitchens: Use formaldehyde-free cabinetry and MDF products. Also, use no VOC adhesives and sealers.
  • Lighting: Install LED and compact fluorescent lamps. Also, install dimmers and occupancy sensors.
  • Insulation: Install cellulose, formaldehyde-free or recycled insulation in the walls and ceiling.
  • Recycling: Salvage materials before demolition for later use.

In our initial project meetings with our clients, we ask what “Green” means to them and how much focus should be put towards “Green” issues. Are lower energy costs a goal or whole house air-filtration systems to reduce allergies? These and many other issues are defined and incorporated into our clients projects.