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Project Background:

The goals for this project were three-fold. First, since the home is postioned on a slope, there were many drainage and water run-off issues to correct. Second, the owners wanted a decorative and functional walkway to the front entrance. Thirdly, they wanted new, bountiful and low-maintanence flowers and shrubs around the entire home.

New Features & Finished:

  • Underground drainage pipe and surface drains were installed to help wick away excess water.
  • A brick-paver patio and retaining walls were installed at the rear of the home for an entertaining area and to remove a low, wet portion of the yard.
  • A portico made from cedar was installed to add more presence to the front door.
  • As many existing plants and shrubs were re-use in the new landscaping design.
  • An abundance of new plant and shrub material were installed in the new landscaping plan. The majority of these plants are perennials to keep maintenance to a minimum.
  • Pathway and column lighting were also added.