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Project Background:

This existing bathroom was never altered for 33 years. Based on the homeowners’ expectations, it was agreed the existing guest bathroom would be gutted and the new guest bathroom would be re-configured to eliminate design deficiencies. A more “Minimalist” design theme was selected.

New Features & Finishes:

  • A new and enlarged awning window was added and centered on the outside wall.
  • New Porcelain tile, imported from Spain, was used on the floor and walls. Note the pattern aligns where the walls and floor meet.
  • An accent band of stainless steel tile wraps around the bathroom.
  • A Kohler cast iron soaking tub was installed with granite front panel removable for plumbing service.
  • A custom designed wood vanity was painted black to provide a contrast with the white tile.
  • A glass block partition was added for privacy.
  • An abundance of general and task lighting was added.
  • Grohe tub fixtures and Kohler sink fixtures were selected for this project