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Project Background:

The structure is the oldest bank barn in the area. It was built by German settlers and is an estimated 188 years old. The design objective was to convert this century structure into a residence. Both exterior and interior designs were to reflect both “old” and “new”. This blended approach to design shows respect for the original barn, yet at the same time, brings the structure into the present day.

New Features & Finishes:

  • Ecological and energy efficiency were priorities for this project since an open-space design was used.
  • 4” stress skin panels were used for exterior walls, while 6” stress skin panels were used on the roof for maximum R-values and energy savings.
  • Low-E, double pane windows were used to also capture heat during the winter months.
  • An in-floor radiant heating system with high efficient gas boilers heat the entire home, including the lofts.
  • Old beams were recycled to be the stair treads.
  • The original barn siding was used to create privacy fences in the yard.
  • The potbelly stove, found in pieces and covered with mud, was refurnished and put on display.