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What is Design-Build?

Design-build is a construction approach that removes the separation between design and construction teams. This differs from the traditional design-bid-build project delivery method. With the design-build approach, design and construction is led by one entity, often known as the design-builder or design-build contractor, from initial concept through completion.

Why Choose a Design and Build Contractor?

Design-build architects integrate design and construction expertise. As both licensed architects and licensed general contractors, Franklin & Associates Design-Build streamlines each process to maximize efficiency.


Communication and workflow are improved when one group, instead of several, manages a project.  Franklin & Associates Design-Build process ensures that the beautiful vision you saw on blueprints will be realized, on time and according to the predetermined budget. If you need a high quality, custom building our outdoor space designed and constructed to exacting standards, Franklin & Associates design build process may be right for you.


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