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The Barnet-Hoover Farmhouse

The Barnet-Hoover Farmhouse, the oldest two-story house in the Orrville area, sits in its original location, which is now on the campus of The University of Akron Wayne College.

The left crib of the farmhouse was built in 1818. The right crib was added in 1832 by John Hoover. A side note: The Hoover Vacuum Company is located in nearby Canton, Ohio. Family members owned the farmhouse and 167 acres of land until it was donated to the University Of Akron in 1970. The land was used for the new Wayne College. The farmhouse was left vacant and suffered severe damage do to exposure to the weather elements. In 2003, the University decided to save the farmhouse. The objective was to retain the historical character and uniqueness of the farmhouse, while addressing today’s needs for access, comfort and technology, so it can be used for classes and special functions.


New Features & Finishes:


  • ​We recycled as many materials as possible to be incorporated into the renovated farmhouse. Special care was given to the removal of materials that would be used in the renovation (Examples: bead board, doors, stairway, etc.). If original materials are were not available, then reproductions were fabricated to the appearance of the original materials.


  • Log repair: The sill logs were rotted, as well as, ten other logs throughout the farmhouse. A six month search entailed to locate logs of the same vintage to be used for replacement. Each replacement log was hand hewed to replicate the design of the existing logs. Missing collar-tie beams were replicated to match the original collar-tie beams.


  • Chinking: A custom color of the new chinking was made to match the original color of the original chinking. A special rigid insulation was placed in between the exterior and interior chinking to ensure rigidity and moisture protection. The majority of the interior walls were returned to their original state of exposed logs with this new chinking.


  • Fireplace: The original fireplace had collapsed and been removed many years ago. Based on historical photos, we were able to replicate the original wood burning fireplace and its stone veneer.

Historic Home Restoration - Orville, OH

Historic Restoration Award Winner

Historic Restoration Award Winner

Franklin & Associates Design-Builders in Akron, Ohio.

Historical Hoover Home Restoration

Historical Hoover Home Restoration

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