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Our Work , Recent Projects >> Rustic Interior Style Home Renovation - Richfield, OH

Whole Home Interior Remodel

The home was build in the early 1970's and was remodeled in the 1980's (Lots of mauve and gold!). Although the home was large, the rooms were unusually sized and not user-friendly. Like older homes the windows, insulation and mechanicals were worn out and not energy efficient.  The new owners wanted to transform the entire interior of the home with a rustic design theme.


The design goals for the project  were to reconfigure 

 the floor plan to make the rooms more user-friendly (Less chopped up.) and expand  the kitchen.

To achieve this design: Interior walls, ceilings, the stairway and all flooring was removed.  The interior was completely gutted and replaced with all new rustic themed materials. New HVAC units and plumbing fixtures were replaced, too. 

Rustic Interior Home Renovation - Richfield, OH

Rustic Interior - Home Remodel

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